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  • Augustinian monastery - Photo by Alupus

  • View of the "Anger" - Photo by Frank Winkler

  • Dom and Severi-Church - Photo by Oliver Kurmis

  • Krämer-Bridge at night - Photo by t_e_berlin on Flickr

  • Red Tower - Photo by Michael Sander

"Erfurt is located in just the right place"

Martin Luther also praised the thriving capital of Thuringia though he certainly was referring to more than just its position at the crossroads of important German transport routes.

In the flower city of Erfurt, you’ll experience history first hand; it boasts big names and unique monuments at every turn though is also a city with a vision.

"I created a distraction for myself and went to Erfurt." Just as was once the case for Schiller, visitors today will also find everything in Erfurt that makes life worth living:

Culture and Hospitality

Things to do and experience in Erfurt

  guided city tour on the historic tram through medieval Erfurt
  carriage rides through the historic old town
  go for a walk with the beer crier; the tour ends in the smallest sitting room brewery
    in Germany
  Dom St. Marien und Kirche St. Severi (cathedral and church, respectively)
    (tours, sightseeing, services)
  Krämerbrücke - the longest bridge street in Europe with 32 half-timbered houses
    and many small shops
  Zitadelle Petersberg – the only largely preserved fortress town in Central Europe
    with a torchlight tour of the mine gallery
  visit Theater Waidspeicher
  Erfurt at Christmastime
  Domstufenfestspiele (open-air extravaganza at the cathedral square) 

Themed tours and lectures

  "Erfurt und Martin Luther" (Erfurt and Martin Luther)
  "Till Eugenspiegel" (Erfurt and a German peasant folk hero
  "Erfurt und die Buchdruckerzunft" (Erfurt and the art of printing)
  Guidance from the Gautschmeister (book printing tradition)
  "Wie der Buchdruck nach Erfurt kam" lecture (How the printing press came to Erfurt)
  Thuringian handicrafts
  blueprint craft, woad (natural dye) cultivation and processing

Worthwhile excursions along the route of Thuringian classics

  classics in the city of Weimar
  Gotha – visit Schloss Friedenstein (castle)
  Arnstadt – visit the Bachkirche (church) and the "Mon plaisier" puppet museum
  Eisenach -  visit Wartburg
  Friedrichroda/Tabarz – visit the only glass jewellery factory
  Dornburger Schlösser (castles)
  Naumburg – visit the Naumburger Dom (cathedral)
  Freyburg – wine-growing region including a visit to the sparkling winery (tasting included))
  Thuringian Forest – Oberhof, sports facilities and Rennsteiggarten
  Saaletal including a visit to "Feengrotten" (caves) in Saalfeld
  Saaletalsperre (Saale river dam) including a ship ride
  Weißensee - visit the Runneburg castle

Krämerbrückenfest (Celebration on the built bridge in Erfurt)
from 14.06.-16.06.2024


Domstufenfestspiele 2023 ANATEVKAFiddler on the roof
from 02.08.-25.08.2024

Christmas market in Erfurt - 5th place in the ranking of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe
from 26.11.-22.12.2024


Christmas Market Erfurt

Weihnachtsmarkt Erfurt
Unsere Leckere Thüringer Rostbratwurst

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